John of England, moreover, was a past-master in. In this Degree, the necessary instructions p. 197 are conferred respecting the various ceremonies of the Order, such as installations, processions, the laying of corner-stones, etc. Past master definition, a person who is thoroughly experienced or exceptionally skilled in a profession, art, etc. Past Master Rings. Definition of Past Master in the dictionary. Dictionary ! A past master is someone who is an expert at something due to his long involvement and practice in that thing. past master meaning: 1. a person who is very skilled in a particular activity: 2. a person who is very skilled in a…. A Past Master’s Jewel, much like the collar of the same name, is as per sanction supposed to be A Square, with the 47th Problem of Euclid underneath. English [] Alternative forms []. Past master definition: If you are a past master at something, you are very skilful at it because you have had a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Perhaps the symbolic meaning of the compasses was so sublime that it was desired for the Grand Master's jewel so that a new one would have to be found for the Past Master. With all his modest intention he is a past master … passed master (archaic); past-master, pastmaster; Noun []. Products (Total Items: 34 ) Sort by: More results: 1 2 Next Page View All. What does past-master mean? PAST MASTERS--An honorary Degree conferred on the W. (Worshipful) Master, at his installation into office. Meaning of Past Master. Learn more. It isn't too unreasonable to suppose that since the Past Master graduated from the Master's chair, a suitable jewel would be the Master's jewel with something added. Menu. "While I find a great deal in Masonry to enjoy and like the fellows and all that, I am more or less in the dark as to what good Masonry really is in the world. See more. What does Past Master mean? Information and translations of Past Master in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The term past master originally referred to someone who had served in a post as the master of something, and no longer served in that capacity. Browse our selection of beautiful Past Master Rings! ... in which science he speedily became a past-master. ‘He is a past master at supply chain management by virtue of its immense buying power through its enlarged customer base.’ ‘He is a past master at making campus capers without depending on superstars or big budgets.’ ‘He is a past master at this, taking delight in embarrassing his rivals on the road.’ Illustrious Carl Harry Claudy, 33°, Past Grand Master, 1943, Grand Lodge, District of Columbia "I have been a Mason for a year now," remarked the Young Brother to the Old Past Master. : a past master at chess.