Tes Global Ltd is registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4HQ. To factorise harder functions, usually cubics. SHHS - GCSE Maths. How do you find a perpendicular gradient? If the answer is positive, the function is increasing. If told cos x = 5/13, how would you find sin 2x? Create your own flash cards! Set recurrence relation equal to the u3 value, balance and solve to find u2. Take out a common factor and complete the calculation. There are flashcards that test definitions of terms, such as prime number and factor tree. Content is refined and concise! How would you find the exact value of sin 120? This allows us to draw the curve as these points are where it crosses the x axis and you decide if it's a happy or sad curve. Walbottle Higher Maths GCSE Facts. The front of our flashcards contain information and mathematical examples to improve student's understanding and the reverse of our flashcards feature exam questions, answers and a method of assessing student's knowledge. Vertical lines have equations that look like? How do you simplify a logarithmic function? You set up 2 equations and solve them simultaneously. Gradients should be equal and as they both go through B then they are collinear. FlashRevision have summarised (9-1) GCSE Higher Maths content into concise and memorable, size A6 revision flashcards. For k, use Pythagoras and for a do tan a = sin a / cos a. Identifying the maximum and minimum of 4 sinx + 3 cosx and when it occurs. You do the top - the bottom, and then integrate and sub in the numbers, You put the 2 things equal to each other, balance and solve. Students are challenged by a variety of examination questions! Please upgrade to Cram Premium to create hundreds of folders! Because of the symmetry of the curve sin 120 is the same as sin 60, so use your exact value triangles to find sin 60, a is the amplitude - (maximum - minimum)/2. 10th Grade. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Revise on the go and ace your GCSE Maths exams with our digital revision guides & flashcards. When you have a bracket to a power and you have to differentiate, Times by the power, take 1 off the power and multiply by the differentiated bracket. To find the number outside,you put the factor equal to zero and solve. FlashRevision have summarised (9-1) GCSE Higher Maths content into concise and memorable, size A6 revision flashcards. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. Visit the post for more. Workbooks, Predicted Papers and flashcards! Jan. 2013. GCSE RDUTC (Maths) Flashcards on RDUTC Maths Higher revision , created by Lisa Regan on 24/01/2019. GCSE Key Features – 90 detailed, engaging Revision Cards for GCSE Higher or Foundation – Designed for the New GCSE – Edexcel, AQA, OCR – Each card has its own Video – there are over 10 hours in total! KS2 Practice Download KS2 English and Maths flashcards. Please select the correct language below. If given the equation 3x-2y+6=0, how do you find the gradient? How do you find the distance between 2 points? What are the 2 ways of calculating the scalar product? by DHunter, Give it a try today! Collins GCSE Revision and Practice Download your FREE flashcards, audio and videos. Use Quizlet for GCSE Mathematics to learn about everything from algebra to geometry. (9-1) GCSE Maths (Foundation) Revision Flashcards: A set contains 93 flashcards and over 380 exam questions and answers. Sign up here. How do you prove something is not a circle? If you sub in an x value you get the gradient at that point. All of our sets of flashcards are made from 300gsm glossy card making them last longer! Thanks to the SQA for making the excellent resources below freely available. What if you are calculating the area under the x-axis? You don't want the bottom line to equal zero, so say that x cannot equal that number. How do you calculate a and b when given 3 consecutive answers to a recurrence relation? How do you find the components of the vector AB? What if the answer needs to be in radians but rounded to 1 or 2 decimal places? This is used to find the gradient of a tangent to a curve. If you know a recurrence relation and u zero, how do you find u2? For example log 8 to the base 2, You ask yourself 2 to the power of what makes 8 and the answer is 3, You must have logs on both sides, sometimes you have to change the right hand side into a log. Add the two x co-ordinates together and half. Created. How do you calculate the angle in between 2 vectors (A VERY POPULAR EXAM QUESTION), Rearrange the dot product formula. The flashcards in this set cover a wide range of introductory math topics. SHHS Maths - Higher. The discriminant will tell you how many times the curve and line touch each other, Half the number in front of the x, it goes in the bracket. These are good flashcards which cover the Maths Higher Edexcel GCSE 9-1 subject. In a trig equation, never choose the top 1! Remember you are finding the equation of a straight line, so need a gradient and point on the line. Square the number and see what adjustment you have to make to get the number in the question. What is the formula for the discriminant? How do you prove a function is increasing, decreasing or stationary at any given point? Turn the fraction upside down and change the symbol, but remember to say m1 x m2 = -1 first. Questions and answers have been split up by topic for your ease of reference. Move the curve 3 places left then reflect in the x axis, Cross the y-axis at 1 and never crosses the x axis. We'll bring you back here when you are done. Show that one is a multiplication of the other, Calculate the magnitude of the vector and multiply the vector by 1 over the magnitude, A way of finding the coordinates of a point, that lies a given ratio along a line, Add the ratio together, then take the number furthest away from each letter. FlashRevision have summarised GCSE Maths (Higher) content into concise, memorable and engaging revision flashcards. 623 Learners. Please sign in to share these flashcards. 8. What do you need to remember when square rooting a number? How do you find the maximum and minimum of a function in a given interval? How do you complete the square, when you have a number in front of the x squared? Remember the vectors must point away from the angle you are calculating. How do you integrate a bracket to a power? You have created 2 folders. This is differential equations, so integrate to get y =. Flashcards Practice your math facts with these flashcards. Find out how you can intelligently organize your Flashcards. Calculate the distance between the 2 centre points, using Pythagoras, if the 2 radii add to make this, they touch once. Differentiate to check for stationary points. How do you prove a line is a tangent to a circle? 5.0 / 5. Teachers have used these as starters, plenaries and during intervention sessions! You are trying to get sin x = a number/fraction, or. Students can use the cards independently with our included method of self-assessment! RDUTC Maths Higher revision Flashcards by Lisa Regan, updated 10 months ago More Less Created by Lisa Regan about 1 year ago 8 1 0 Description. A straight line that has an equal gradient with the curve, at a particular point, A straight line that touches a circle once. You need to change the calculator to radians and work through the question as normal. General GCSE Flashcards Download your free Collins Revision and Practice flashcards and audio files. You can combine them to make a new single cos or sine curve, using expansions, Expand the bracket and then identify what k cos a and k sin a are.