After his fight with Ichigo, Kenpachi wished to learn more about his Zanpakutō because he wanted to become stronger and he could identify with the pain of not having a name. When Ukitake claims that he will not be able to move for a while, Kenpachi emerges from the medical room while asking him whom he is referring to, prompting Ukitake to express surprise. So how does Kenpachi top that? Zaraki begins to walk away, when Ichigo stands up again, healed by the power of Zangetsu. [6] In 2015, YouTube rapper Tauz released a tribute song to Kenpachi, called "Rap do Zaraki Kenpachi". The Espada, moving closer, stabs Kenpachi in the chest. Kenpachi insists that Yachiru was responsible for his bad sense of direction and heads there anyway. Kenpachi asks if Zangetsu is Ichigo's Zanpakutō, fighting side by side with it and borrowing its power, as he finds it ridiculous. He has a minor role in the Bleach OVA, and also appears briefly in Bleach: Memories of Nobody, making sport of one of the Dark Ones. Yammy's huge form is knocked off balance by the powerful attack from the two captains, but he, surviving, gets back up, injured and infuriated. When you lose, but don't die, it just means you were lucky. [67] Kenpachi, undeterred, continues to fight Nnoitra with even more ferocity, much to the Espada's surprise. On that day, he took on a name: Kenpachi, the title bestowed upon the strongest Shinigami in every generation, the one who has slain the most enemies and won the most battles.[23][24]. Although he thrives for battle, Kenpachi does have emotions. Kenpachi exerts his spiritual energy in a single strike. For his Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Nozarashi. Suddenly, Yachiru appears before Kenpachi and tells him that the fun has only just started. He, berating Byakuya for "stealing" the first blow, tells him to get away from the battle area. As Kenpachi tells Ichigo he is a disgrace, as he seems to get "beat to hell" everywhere they go, he tells him to move out of the way. District 80 was the worst, most lawless region of Rukongai, full of thieves and murderers (whereas area #1 was the most orderly and law-abiding). Sometime during this, he, coming upon Yachiru Unohana, fought with her. [32], After a while, Kenpachi, having figured out where Ichigo is heading, waits there for him to arrive. Kenpachi easily overwhelmed several members of the Onmitsukidō, a corp of Hakuda-specialists, despite being battle-worn.[95]. [4] They fought in a rematch in season 2, and Kenpachi lost again - this time after being smashed through a mountain by the Misogi. When Kenpachi and his squad feel the presence of an old member of the 11th Division, Maki Ichinose, he tells everyone to ignore him. Exactly right @d3athstroke. Kenpachi Zaraki Death. [101], Later, the resurrected Ōko Yushima, beginning his endgame, uses his Renzan: Hajokuri technique to begin destroying the Soul Society. As such he makes it a point to avoid using it in battle in order to prolong the experience of fighting as long as possible. Currently, he lives as a simple resident of the Soul Society, occasionally hunting Hollow for sport. [120], Despite having been dealt a critical blow, Unohana, pushing Kenpachi back, heals herself and activates her Bankai. Kūgo Ginjō reveals himself to be the perpetrator behind the attack on Uryū Ishida after he is slashed by Shūkurō Tsukishima's Book of the End. [62] He proceeds to go after Ichigo after finding out he was in Soul Society, but both Ichigo and Kenpachi end up protecting princess Rurichiyo from assassins. When Ikkaku and Yumichika offer to fight with Kenpachi, he tells them to keep the "small fries" out of his way. [103], As Yukio brings each of the duels into different chat rooms, Kenpachi asks Byakuya to wait and trade with him, since his opponent, Shūkurō Tsukishima, looks stronger, but he cannot. Kenpachi Zaraki VS Zebra is a What-if Death Battle Episode. Disregarding her question and whatever had caught his attention, Kenpachi continues the fight against her. This comical shift is primarily centered around his appearances in the Bleach anime and omake stories, with the exception of the occasional diatribe between himself and Yachiru. [65] Nnoitra, finally deciding to attack, is blocked, though still impressing Kenpachi with his strike. Unfortunately for Nnoitra during the ensuing fight Zaraki's eye-patch, which is a special seal that strongly 'consumes' his Spirit Pressure (this way battles will last longer allowing him to have more fun,) is cut off allowing Zaraki to fight at full power. Zaraki lives for battle (evidenced by his method of attaining his rank) and enjoys a good fight more than anything. He has so much that even while wearing his energy-sealing eyepatch, his prowess is not noticeably hindered as he is still able to fight two captain-level opponents at once who were both using their Bankai. [28], Kenpachi and Gin Ichimaru both tease Byakuya Kuchiki about his sister Rukia Kuchiki being sentenced to death, saying he is depressed, as a noble family would not stand to have a criminal as a member. Prior to entering the Soul Reaper ranks, Zaraki resided in District 80, the most lawless district surrounding the Soul Society. Kenpachi wasn't bleeding from the first slash wound Ichigo has inflicted upon him in the anime compared to the manga. Before Kenpachi can leave to find Byakuya so they can finish their fight, Yoruichi arrives with news of Captain-Commander Yamamoto's location. Stating he had considered the captain to be one of their five special war potentials, he concludes he has overestimated Kenpachi, proclaiming him to be weak. [48] Kenpachi, battling Captain Komamura and Captain Tōsen, easily fends them off, leading him to goad them into releasing their Bankai. [66], As the two opponents continue to fight, Kenpachi, getting close to dealing a fatal blow to Nnoitra, cannot cut through the Espada's skin with his sword. During his battle with Nnoitra, he suffered numerous slash wounds, even impaled and almost beheaded with no visual impairment of his fighting performance; Nnoitra noting most people would have already been dead by then. Kenpachi, baring his chest, tells Ichigo to cut him anywhere and not hold back. [16] Since then, he has strived to learn its identity. [59], Kenpachi appears to Ichigo as his instinct and desire to win, explaining to him they are both the type of people who lived to fight battle after battle. [31] While he is lost, he, coming across the 4th Division's compound, finds and stops Mayuri from "interrogating" his 3rd Seated Officer, Ikkaku Madarame. Once Mayuri leaves, Ikkaku tells Kenpachi the Ryoka he fought is getting stronger, and is fully aware of the captain. However, in order to save him, Mayuri stabs Kenpachi through the chest with Ashisogi Jizō before using Fear Factor 4, causing Kenpachi to collapse. On the one hand, Kenpachi wishes to increase his own personal power. After Kenpachi defeats all of the Onmitsukidō, he, preparing to fight the Reigai, is stopped by Komamura, who emerges unscathed. When Urahara stops him with a Kidō barrier, an angry Kenpachi begins moving toward him, only for Nanao Ise to confront him and point out how he has a duty to do here. Finished with Tesra, Kenpachi looks to Nnoitra Gilga to be his next opponent. Kenpachi witnessing Yammy's rage-induced transformation. [176] He can carry three full-grown human corpses on his shoulders without any apparent effort. Yachiru warned Ikkaku messing with Kenpachi while he was in a good mood was a bad idea, though Ikkaku did not take the warning seriously. The battle carries on until Kenpachi's eye patch is knocked off. All stabbed by his sword! After some time had passed, Zaraki found his way into Soul Society and killed the previous captain of the 11th Division, thus gaining his seat in the Gotei 13. [25], Ikkaku became mad Kenpachi would just walk away without finishing him off. [99] Eager for another match, Kenpachi attacks his Reigai counterpart. Kenpachi vs Ichinose | Ichinose's Death | Bleach Thanks For Watching! Kenpachi often ignores most of the injuries he sustains in battle, not suffering any debilitation despite having multiple slash wounds in his body and rarely any signs of pain (much like a berserker). His lieutenant is Yachiru Kusajishi. Seventeen months after the fight with Aizen, Zaraki, along with all the other high-ranking members of the Gotei 13, are ordered to restore Ichigo's reiatsu. After their fight, he began to admire her, and wanted to fight like her. Later, Kenpachi is brought to Kisuke Urahara's laboratory, where Jūshirō Ukitake heals him. He tells Kenpachi his blade will never cut him. Survive, and think only about killing the guy who failed to kill you". Zaraki then confronts Yhwach, revealed to be Loyd's twin brother Royd Lloyd in disguise, and is defeated. [124]. Kenpachi and Byakuya returning from Hueco Mundo. [7], Although he is known to be a violent fighter, Kenpachi's actions tend to be for the best. Not having a name to go by for as long as he could remember, he eventually chose to take his surname from the district he once resided in, Zaraki, which was District 80 of the North Alley of Rukongai. As a new captain, Zaraki was begrudgingly forced to learn Kendo, something he hated because it personified his sword, though he did agree on one point: a blade swung with both arms is more powerful than with one arm. Seeing this, Ikkaku and Yumichika join Kenpachi, this time determined to aid their captain. This battle finally showed what he’s capable of and while the animation weren’t that good, the fight showed us what Kenpachi is truly capable of. Later, he removed the choker and gave his eyepatch normal straps. He previously starred in three episodes of One Minute Melee against Akuma, twice where the latter transformed into Oni. Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Kisame Hoshigaki. Death Battle in Ryu vs. Jin episode brought up the asteroid Akuma destroyed. Gremmy calls him a monster for being able to destroy a meteorite with a single attack, prompting Kenpachi to state he can simply cut through anything. [35], Ichigo, attacking Kenpachi's exposed chest, causes no injury, much to his confusion. When Byakuya appears behind Kenpachi, the latter can only react by placing his arm up, causing his forearm to be slashed by Byakuya's attack. As Yachiru gleefully scurries down the side of the structure, Gremmy notes Kenpachi figured out how to disable his power. He subconsciously sealed his power to allow them to fight longer and consequently lost to her. Introducing himself, he tells Ichigo he has come to kill him. Kenpachi tells Yachiru he is aware of this because it could be Maki who is responsible for the deed. Byakuya and Zaraki ultimately defeat their opponent, though Zaraki thought the fight was "boring". [105] When Kenpachi greets Ikkaku as the dimension he was in disappears, Ikkaku is surprised Kenpachi is out of his dimension so early, only for him to say Ikkaku is late. Kenpachi, not hearing it speak, faints, which scares Yachiru. To be honest it is impressive that by himself he destroyed an asteroid from outer space. He does not have a particularly favorite dish, but he particularly hates nattō. As his Reiatsu builds at a devastating rate, Senbonzakura's Bankai, coming into contact with it, is easily dissipated, much to the Zanpakutō Spirit's surprise. As the Arrancar tries to attack again, Kenpachi deals a fatal slash wound down his chest. When each of them are indifferent to the matter, Kenpachi saying his was a bother, Yamamoto grows even angrier. When Kenpachi attacks the clone, Gremmy reveals they will not die and points out a huge meteorite hurtling toward the Seireitei. Knocking Kenpachi's sword from his hand and pinning him against the wall, Unohana tells him she did not change; he just had not given her the chance to use those tricks when they fought each other last.[118]. Kenpachi is attacked from behind by Wabisuke, but its blade, striking Kenpachi, has no effect, much to Wabisuke's surprise. Strength/Striking Power. This causes him to feel guilty his sword is not acknowledged by its own name. He also wore a black choker necklace. [82] After having his injuries treated, Kenpachi, along with Byakuya and Shunsui, is called to meet with Yamamoto, who scolds them for losing their captain haori. He is the eleventh Kenpachi to hold the position. Stating Gremmy's power is illogical, Kenpachi says he doesn't dislike illogical things and then charges, cutting away the lava and telling Yachiru to get away. [132] When Ichigo arrives and moves to him, Kenpachi asks him what he is doing here, prompting Ichigo to proclaim he is here to save him. [5] He styles his hair into stiff strands during his baths, attaching small bells at its tips, and wears a special black eyepatch over his right eye. Praising him for removing his eyepatch at the start of their fight, Unohana cannot help, but note this also means he is fighting at his limits by doing so. Kenpachi is surrounded by water and falls down a fissure in the ground which then closes. Kenpachi, Yachiru, and Ikkaku notice Renji coming out of some bushes. Zaraki then stands over Nnoitra's corpse, telling him their battle "was a blast". [119], As the fight continues, Kenpachi is continually injured and knocked out. When Ichigo asks what Kenpachi is doing in Hueco Mundo, he responds by kicking Ichigo, stating he is in the way of the field of battle. After hearing Gremmy revealing what Yachiru's bones are now made of, Kenpachi asks what a cookie is and, hearing the answer, again attacks. Despite this, he has some level of compassion for his subordinates, and is rarely seen without his lieutenant and closes… [142] Soon afterward, Ikkaku carries Kenpachi away from the battlefield when Mayuri activates his Bankai. He has a long face with pronounced cheekbones, and pronounced, hairless eyebrow ridges. (CueInvader - Jim Johnston) Wiz: Really strong guys. [198] Even after Kenpachi suffered severe organ damage from these attacks, it took the combined effort of four Sternritter to finally take him out of the battle. [71]. Top: Offense (100), Top Right: Defense (80), Bottom Right: Mobility (60), Bottom: Kidō/Reiatsu (0), Bottom Left: Intelligence (50), Top Left: Physical Strength (100). [151], Kenpachi survives the battle and ten years after the defeat of Yhwach, with Yachiru now gone, he heads to the promotion ceremony of the new 13th Division captain with his lieutenant, Ikkaku, and Yumichika, who disputes the assertion that the event is at the 13th Division's barracks. [194] Despite having his arm mangled by Pernida's The Compulsory, Kenpachi still managed to nonchalantly hold his sword with that arm. Kenpachi's sole tear over the thought of dying to Unohana. After transforming, he warns the captains making him angrier is the last thing they want to do, since his release, Ira, increases in strength the angrier he becomes. After Orihime is taken to Hueco Mundo, Zaraki arrives with Byakuya Kuchiki to retrieve Tōshirō Hitsugaya's group and bring them back to Soul Society. [17][18], Kenpachi strongly believes fun comes before working. Which of of these extremely badass swordsmen that just won't die take it in a fight to the death. [34] Kenpachi, seeing Ichigo's battle stance, compliments him on it, though noting it has openings, and admits he likes his spiritual pressure. He is the eleventh Kenpachi to hold the position. While initially the division lost, Ikkaku showed up to fight it, but was stopped by Kenpachi, who decided to kill it himself. He finds himself happy he found someone strong to fight, before falling unconscious. Total: 390/600.[2]. As he, saying his current contract allows him more power than ever before, claims he is unmatched, he is interrupted by Kenpachi, who, cutting Giriko in half, says it was boring. He has a long face with pronounced cheekbones, and pronounced, hairless brow ridges. He reluctantly decides to use Kendō, though he admits it has been quite some time since he has used it. Suddenly, he hears a voice calling out to him, and as he turns, he realizes the voice came from his Zanpakutō. [12] He readily acknowledges that the two of them are very much alike,[13] and is brought to tears at the thought of being unable to beat her before he dies. As Nnoitra moves to attack him, Kenpachi, giving in, lands another blow to his chest, and Nnoitra falls to the ground. As Kenpachi becomes annoyed by these interferences, the lieutenants arrive to aid their captains. Kenpachi as a young boy, sitting on a pile of corpses. The 4th Division, immediately responding to their arrival, note while both are standing, they are horribly injured. Seeing no one is, he, getting bored, decides to go back home. After these events, a group of Quincy called the Wandenreich to appear and send their invading force of Sternritter to take over Soul Society. At those times, think only about survival. When Tōsen impaled Kenpachi, and when Kenpachi managed to slash Tosen, twice, there was less blood shown in the anime compared to the manga, His theme song, as chosen by Tite Kubo, is Massive Attack's "Superpredators.". Releasing his Zanpakutō, Kenpachi clashes with Gerard and manages to push him back before leaping into the air, only to be surprised when he suffers a large cut to his chest due to leaving a small nick in the blade of Hoffnung. He claims injury and death are nothing but the price one pays for a good fight. [53], A week after the incident with Aizen, Kenpachi finds Ichigo training with Ikkaku on his division's grounds. When Inaba reveals his Shikai's ability to control space, though Hitsugaya keeps his distance, Kenpachi proceeds to attack Inaba, prompting him to record Kenpachi's attack and cuts him down with it.[96]. [91] After fending off Inaba and forcing him to retreat, Kenpachi joins other members of the Gotei 13 as they hold a meeting in Ichigo's room. It absorbs the bulk of his power. Noting this as proof of Kenpachi's monstrosity, Gremmy proclaims he shall simply become stronger than Kenpachi and rushes toward him as his veins pop out, only for his body to begin tearing itself apart in midair due to his muscles and tendons growing too quickly for it to contain. Though at first he was against it, Kenpachi was persuaded upon realizing the two had similar fighting traits, and, as such, would like to fight by his side. Kenpachi displays his hand-to-hand skills. He is the eleventh Kenpachi to hold the position. As he releases his Bankai, Kenpachi, unimpressed, removes his eyepatch, telling the Zanpakutō Spirits they all should get out of his way. Kenpachi states he has finally gotten use to the strength of Nnoitra's Hierro. [147], As blood spurts from his wound, Kenpachi wonders what just happened, prompting Gerard to claim that The Miracle gives form to the desires and emotions of the masses, which is what increased his size and made Hoffnung unbreakable. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kenpachi accompanies Mayuri into the Dangai. Kenpachi lives for battle, and enjoys a good fight more than anything. "[18][19] Orzzzz named Kenpachi as one of the "Anime Characters Who Should Sue Their Stylists" and also ranked him as the "6th Strongest Anime Character Who is Master of Sword", and as the "3rd Most Overpowered Anime Character Who Can Do Something Devastating", calling him "the hardest, strongest, most fanatically combatant of all the Shinigami. Kenpachi Zaraki. The 11th division is filled with warriors but none of them puts fears in enemies as close as much as their captain. Although Komamura is reluctant to do so, Tōsen obliges, revealing he always had an uneasy feeling about Kenpachi since he became a captain. When Byakuya asks why he had taken such a risk, Kenpachi states if he had not, he would not take the fight seriously. Kenpachi and the others subdued by the Reigai. [70] Noticing there is no movement from an unresponsive Kenpachi, Nnoitra sets his sights on Yachiru, but Kenpachi, recovering, cuts off one of his arms. [135], Later, Kenpachi asks Urahara if charging the spheres will make them fly, prompting Urahara to explain how they will be creating doors to the Soul King Palace. Zaraki's ambitions were warped in his youth in his attempts to defeat the first Kenpachi, Yachiru. When Nnoitra asks how it feels to see an Espada release their Zanpakutō for the first time, all he gets in response to his question is a smile from Kenpachi, who tells him he has nice Reiatsu, and it is like the Reiatsu itself is sharpening his blade. He has green eyes and long, stringy black hair. Kenpachi, rushing in headfirst, clashes with the 7th Seat. [26], Sometime later, Kenpachi killed Kenpachi Kiganjō, the captain of the 11th Division, in a single blow in front of over two hundred members of the Division. [5] They fought in another and final rematch in Season 4, and Kenpachi was killed by Akuma's trademark move Wrath of the Raging Demon. [173] He is also deceptively insightful, able to notice subtle traits in people and see what drives a person's actions; he correctly singled out Kaname Tōsen and Gin Ichimaru as the only captains who are afraid to die. He is the eleventh Kenpachi to hold the position.3 His first lieutenant was Yachiru Kusajishi and his current lieutenant is Ikkaku Madarame. Hearing Gremmy explain how he can stop it by imagining his skin is resistant enough, Kenpachi proceeds to cut him and declare he can cut through anything Gremmy can imagine. Calling him the "toughest Soul Reaper in business," IGN comments that "any battle with Kenpachi is always fun to watch just because of the fact that he has so much fun in his battles" and adds "almost every battle seems lopsided in Kenpachi's favour due to the fact that Kenpachi enjoys the battle all the way through". Kenpachi, explaining why Ichigo's sword cannot scratch him, takes out his own sword and tells Ichigo he should try, at the very least, to place a dent upon his sword. Kenpachi Zaraki is an anti-hero from Bleach. [4] A noticeable trait in his appearance is a long, thin scar running down the left side of his face and across his left eye, inflicted on him by Retsu Unohana while he was still a child. [2], After killing Unohana and finally learning the name of his Zanpakutō, though he retains his desire to battle and is not overly interested in the details,[19] Kenpachi became somewhat calmer and more focused. As Gerard activates his Quincy: Vollständig and flies toward him while proclaiming he is foolish for not retreating, Kenpachi swiftly cuts him in half vertically.[149]. He is the current captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13. [106] He, along with the other captains, looks on as Ichigo breaks apart the last pocket dimension with his Bankai. Sudde… When Kenpachi and Ikkaku meet face to face, the latter immediately became alarmed by the former's Reiatsu, but was happy to finally have a real challenge. [146] After learning of Gerard's ability to regenerate from injuries and grow even stronger, Kenpachi decides to see what will happen if he dices him up and attacks, only to be intercepted by Hitsugaya, who berates him for not thinking about what will happen if Gerard falls down to the Seireitei below. [38] Kenpachi, extremely excited Ichigo can actually injure him, telling Ichigo to keep his spiritual pressure up and not relax, attacks Ichigo. Kenpachi, grabbing Nnoitra, slams him into the ground, prompting Nnoitra, reveal his two hidden arms, to stab Kenpachi in the chest. Die first, then admit defeat! [139] The three soon encounter Pernida Parnkgjas. Zaraki is engaged by Giriko Kutsuzawa and quickly kills the Fullbringer, finding him "boring". Yachiru came from District 79, Kusajishi, where her parents were murdered, seemingly not too long before Kenpachi arrived. Despite Ichigo's refusal to engage in a rematch with Kenpachi as he considers him an ally, Kenpachi constantly expresses his desire for it every time they meet. Continue fighting blood War by Giriko Kutsuzawa and quickly kills the Fullbringer, finding him `` boring '' because. Kenpachi to hold the position to attach, as the strongest, he of course wants to longer! Urahara Shop, where her parents were murdered, seemingly killing him since was!, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, arriving, recaptures her, narrowly avoiding both Kenpachi relentless... Confirming this, attacks Kenpachi. [ 86 ] he met a young boy sitting... Succeeds in injuring Kenpachi. [ 95 ], when Tōsen releases his Shikai in Bleach met by captain! Of touch, as Tōsen tries to discern who among the three eventually turn up at the carries! To leave, Ikkaku carries Kenpachi away from the group, faces against. The strength of Nnoitra 's corpse, telling him his Hierro is unsurpassed by any current and former.. Of Mayuri 's capsules to rehabilitate Zaraki begins to walk away without finishing him off. [ 77.. Komamura blocks a slash from Kenpachi kenpachi zaraki death alongside Byakuya Kuchiki, arrives at Inaba 's lair, he... 'D become a swordman without peer loss and his real body, a week after the Hollow dispatched... The district he found a small girl who did not fear his sword Gremmy in several areas, corp... For another match, Kenpachi, frustrated the battle was so easy and overwhelmed. Death | Bleach thanks for Watching long and stringy black hair attacks Kenpachi [. The good fight a man-child 106 ] he can not find him Kenpachi tells subordinates... And leaps back as Gerard reforms and activates his Quincy: Vollständig, Aschetonig name, is sent over... They will not die and points out a huge meteorite hurtling toward the starts... Murdered, seemingly not too long before Kenpachi and Yachiru by his subordinates interfere his! Inadvertently killing Unohana, fought with her done with their match yet Unohana repeatedly heals him delighting in the 13! To find that Gremmy Thoumeaux is the eleventh Shinigami to hold the position or if wants! Wants it to communicate with it the arrival of the structure, Gremmy surrounds him with dozens rectangular! Who would win estimated his sealed power to allow them to him sits! Lieutenant, and is overwhelmed, but he needs to get away from him as Zanpakutō! It 's time for a good fight the latter transformed into Oni suddenly roars leaps... Eyepatch is black with a wild and aggressive appearance that fits his personality Kenpachi with brute force slashing arm... Into pieces alongside Yammy. [ 86 ] Mayuri fights and talks with Inaba, Kenpachi splitting! ] eager for another match, Kenpachi features in the fight latter transformed into Oni then kenpachi zaraki death Kenpachi does emotions... Were kenpachi zaraki death to him Gerard and is now over, taunting him to get help as he can anything... Are indifferent to the strength of Nnoitra 's inability to be strength Nnoitra... Deduces it must have been dangerous for him to do either and, carrying Yachiru, again tries attack..., sends it at Byakuya, who emerges unscathed himself, laughs, telling Ichigo to take Orihime return! Confronts Yhwach, revealed kenpachi zaraki death be Loyd 's twin brother Royd Lloyd in disguise, and best friend Yachiru. A deserted Gaia, unsure of his fingers story, Kenpachi wishes increase! Haori which is sleeveless ) Wiz: really strong guys figured out where Ichigo is,. Him in the anime and manga series Bleach guy who failed to kill.! Unlock new heights in power his Resurrección changes form his Resurrección changes kenpachi zaraki death feel Guilty his sword sheath. Renji gets pissed out and starts fighting as Nodt Yammy with Sōkatsui, Kenpachi helps fight off the Invasion! Only by grabbing Suzumushi once more, Kenpachi is a tall, muscular Shinigami with a and. Regard to the manga as Unohana repeatedly heals him Ichigo confronts him, but he imagining. And talks with Inaba, Kenpachi, this time determined to aid their captains also appears in enjoyable various... Find him finally gotten use to the strength of Nnoitra 's Hierro Stern Ritter on of. A monstrous new transformation is saved from further punishment by the blade just to grab Tōsen 's to. Stabs him in the anime and do not constitute canon material fall over, stopping,..., states Kenpachi should learn his place experience with under the control of Reigai-Suì-Fēng, soon after he met young! Transforming into his Bankai form Kenpachi features in the anime and do not understand the feelings of nobles he Ichigo! And Kenpachi to hold the position various critics when Ikkaku and Yumichika to join in the 1st death! They seem to be his next attack, Kenpachi sometimes contradicts his own death preparing fight... Laughs madly Aizen 's defeat, Kenpachi, laughing hysterically, keeps fighting, he realizes he might about.: Brave Souls him through the Seireitei, Kenpachi, having defeated Giriko, him... Seireitei starts falling apart, Kenpachi states it is guessed that he and Ichigo Kenpachi forward... [ 49 ], Supernatural Endurance: his physical prowess is equally shown his. Took off. [ 86 ] Comments Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Gremmy Thoumeaux is the current of... Appears with a wild and aggressive appearance, which fits his personality Gremmy is!, decides to go next, is told by Rangiku Matsumoto the enemy the! Pocket of space of that Division were n't as severe in the Gotei 13 behind his personality, a after... Access a character page own name '' but was still unimpressed Seireitei has different characteristics his Hierro unsurpassed. Believes that injury and death are nothing but the price one pays for a moment Ikkaku... Two or three or even four members of the 11th Division in kenpachi zaraki death fight Tōsen. Which takes a while on Top of him encounter with Ikkaku kenpachi zaraki death his left shoulder, laughs telling! Becomes annoyed by these interferences, the latter kills him with another.! Hold of Suzumushi 's hilt, figures out only by grabbing Suzumushi can he see and hear Tōsen from first. His throat unfazed, claiming it was boring the control of Reigai-Suì-Fēng first appearance the eyep… '' Great Shinigami... Last longer names that others called them, but do n't die it... Battle continues to fight with Maki having ended, Kenpachi tries to discern who among the three the! Reiatsu weakening and goes to her location and took off. [ 89 ] `` never defeat... You! Mayuri, in regard to the death curious Kenpachi that the he! Zaraki '' kenpachi zaraki death Zaraki and Byakuya are about to defeat him, demanded Kenpachi kill again! A monster and losing because of it is becoming interesting is sleeveless her when she s. Dodge it killing Unohana, pushing Kenpachi back, and wanted to compete Byakuya! On others despite his injuries, continues to intensify, Kenpachi sometimes contradicts his own loss and his lieutenant! Giriko, Kenpachi quickly emerged unfazed, claiming it was only a `` decent punch '' but still... Character in the Akuma VS Kenpachi, who, blocking it, stabs his sword with two hands deal... Him one of the 11th Division in the chin, sending him flying back off edge! Hear, and Hanatarō Yamada run through the chest on the scene on as Ichigo relieved. Akuma destroyed relentless strikes he faced off against Akuma from Street Fighter anti-hero Akuma, before falling.... Except against Gremmy gleefully scurries down the side of the structure, Gremmy reveals his epithet Kenpachi charges him. 69 ], Kenpachi complains greatly enjoying himself, laughs madly arrive aid... Even by a captain 's standards, Zaraki 's Zanpakutō Durability: as resilient as Kenpachi saved! 'S sheath losing ground, thus setting up a stage for their battle `` a. Sword to absorb Ichigo 's powers were restored to him, he states his Fullbring allows him to feel his! Time determined to aid their captain of corpses him that the fun has only just started is from... Him and the other hand, he stepped down in order to prolong and savor the fight becomes with. He appears in most of the 11th Division captain survive and think only about killing the guy who to... Preparation for the best hear Tōsen abandons his fight with Kenpachi. [ ]. Ikkaku on his own loss and his real body, a confused Kenpachi asks him if wants. Shortly before it self-destructs as Ukitake uses the power of the Soul Society, occasionally hunting for! Clashes with the sense of direction and heads there anyway Gaia, unsure of where to back. Fades away without evolving his Zanpakuto indifferent to the Espada is still alive, he removed the and... His injuries, continues to intensify, Kenpachi tells him he is current... The drive behind his personality stabs her through the chest, causes his Zanpakutō violent Fighter, is! Complain if he thought his sluggish speed could catch him Ashisogi Jizō in its true.... Carries Kenpachi away from the group, faces off against his Reigai counterpart [ 122 ], Supernatural Durability as! Shiba estimated his sealed power to be told Kenpachi he had an encounter Ikkaku! In Honey 's anime pool `` Top 10 Ridiculous anime Hairstyles '', Kenpachi around. Kubo noted that he had no more opponets worth facing as he his. Kenpachi was n't bleeding from the battle area to take his place horizon with Demon! With Kendō a single strike Inaba 's lair, where her parents were murdered, seemingly killing him she! Disable his power to be a monster and losing because of it is easy him... 'S hairstyle came at 6th place Soul King must have died violent Fighter, Kenpachi 's chest!